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10 common sex injuries that could happen to anyone

Accidents while sex, are quite common but least spoken of read on to learn more about it

Sexual injuries really are common but least discussed problem by couples. More so because the accident has happened during sex and individuals shy away from speaking about it. Even if somebody shares the sexual injury we laugh it off.

Through time, I’ve incurred few accidents from sex a few of these have left me with debilitating pain while others left me rolling on the ground laughing about it. While none are severe, in a long-term relationship, sexual injury might have physical and psychological damage too.

Sexual injury happens for the very physical nature of having sex, we try new positions, new places, etc. At the peak of our sexual excitement, we forget about the consequences or risk involved in trying those weird sexual positions or places.

Mentioned below are some of the most common sexual injury that one may encounter, there could be far more to the listing, so please do not hesitate to share it in comments section.

Broken manhood

sex injury

This is the simplest injury a guy can get and it may occur even during a normal sexual intercourse on a mattress. Most times it leaves one with a sore penis for a couple of days and does not require surgery.

Shower Sex

sex injury

Shower flooring can be quite slippery, needless to say, it’s kinky and sexy to have sex within that confined area. However one has to ensure precautions before participating in shower sex. You will find many products you may purchase, that help for getting sex in shower, it reduces the probability of injury during the intercourse

Falling from bed

sex injury

Sex is such a mesmerizing feeling that we occasionally push just enough to push it off the edge of the bed. Falling off the bed can render you with bruises and also a good bit of laughing.


head banging

Many women could relate to this, when at the bottom, during sex and guy forgets his own ability of thrusting. With excessive enthusiastic push the head bangs, and turns her off.

No Lube


This is the largest difficulty that a woman faces, guys overly excited forget about need of her to become well lubricated to experience comfy sex. Unless she’s lubricated it I will give rise to a distress for both. One can use, lube to get friction-less moment and enhanced pleasure. Lube is much more significant in anal penetration


sex injury

Depending on how striving you got with the routine. It is possible to damage your spine together with sexual intercourse. Generally, back injuries earned during intercourse could be treated using an ice pack to the upset area and some rest.

Hamstring pull

hamstring pull

Yet another frequent injury sustained by women on their back when guys attempt to pull up their legs too high. Unless she’s a yoga coach or has had a warm up session prior to the action, any girl might have a torn muscle or strained muscle.

BDSM went wrong


Inexperienced or newcomer participants could inflict significant pain or harm to their partner if things get out of control. Normally BDSM has safe-words which are utilized to prevent whatever is happening.


heart attack

Unfit or older couple are more inclined to the heart attack during an energetic session.

Inanimate objects


Many a times because of increased excitement couples, insert objects including bottles, soda cans, etc which are too large for them. Men too come with bizarre things being trapped in their anus.

Damaged furniture

sex injury

We’ve heard of bed breaking sex, well it turns out there’s a complete collection of items being busted and inflicting injuries through intercourse. List includes coffee table, bed, hammock, dining table, chair, etc

Sex injuries might seem funny but can cause long-term damage. So be careful with your experiments and make sure you guarantee security prior to participating in any action. Got an experience to share of sex injury or heard of others, share it in the comments below.


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