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10 myths about Pornography that doesnt happen in life

The Penis size is the biggest myth that most men have about standard penis size

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Sex in porn is different from sex in real. Although we have learned a lot from porn not everything is true. Here are 10 common myths about porn.

Porn has been our source of valuable information, it is more likely creating a world of fantasy about human sexuality, rather than giving a realistic depiction – this can sometimes lead us to absorb myths about sex is actually supposed to be.

Here are ten myths about sex that you may have learned from porn but are never really true.

Clean shave all the time is a thing

myths about Porn

While watching porn we come across clean shaved female and male performers, now we are not saying that just porn stars shave and others cannot in real-life scenario. However, many men and women prefer to only clean shave their pubic area and not clean shave it. Also, in pornography the celebrities are clean shaven to show clear perspective of the genitals and the way they’re doing it.

Using lube is not vital.

myths about Porn

We see porn and find the male performing spitting on women genitals to get it lubed for performance and think that should be easy but it’s not. It is a myth about porn because before they begin with the shooting the girl or the guy prep themselves ahead with different lube products to ensure it is a lot easier to begin with.

Just using saliva for penetration can be painful for both partners which might result in rashes on genital region.

Directly heading for sex is possible


When you watch porn you see that actors just kiss for a minute and directly move to the action. However in reality an individual must participate in at least 10-15 minutes of Foreplay to excite themselves and get in the mood.

Pornstars go into the act prepped before the act, and hence can perform the act the way shown.

Loud moaning is a must

myth about porn

When you see porn, the lady starts to scream, moan as soon as she is penetrated and men responds to it sexily. However, in reality most men or women prefer to somewhat be quite and not shout or groan.

Some women might moan when they are nearer to orgasm but that is just a few, not necessarily would she want it to be a loud affair and would love it to be a silent one.

Penetration leads to orgasm for her

no orgasm

In porn, the lady reaches her orgasm just with penetration in minutes, it is the biggest myth about porn as that is not the case. Most women never orgasm with penetration and need external stimulation, believing that penetration can do the thing for you is very naive.

Dirty dirty talks

myth about porn

Give it to me you slut, come here you whore, suck me hard you bitch, etc. While watching porn we come across such words and we note that girl enjoys and gets even more excited when referred with dirty talks. However, in reality it might just be a major turnoff for her, so beware when calling her anything like that, you wouldn’t want to ruin your chances before action.



Do not believe this myth about porn, as it might land you in trouble. When reaching climax, lady performer asks the guy to give it to her and she sucks him through and swallows it. But in reality women might find it gross and swallowing becomes just out of question.

This is the standard size

myth about porn

While watching porn and seeing the size of women’s breast and men’s genitals we feel really depressed, because they look so beautiful, huge and flawless but reality is otherwise, everyone has different size, color, shape, etc.

Their genitals are just like celebrities in Bollywood, they look so nice but they don’t represent how majority of us Indians look like. It is just another myth about porn.

Sex has to be fast and long lasting

myth about porn

In pornography movies, we see them doing it an unbelievable speed and continuously without breaking much sweat but that is not true as their act involves many retakes and also the fact that they have mastered the act much like we specialize in our jobs.

Your partner will say yes to everything experimental


In porn, the celebrities love their time and do whatever their partner asks them to do because they are paid celebrities and are doing so basis the pre-decided and agreed approval. So the use of force, power, rough act are all pre-decided and are not surprise for the performer.

If you plan on anything as such, know your limitation and understand the comfort and after effects of any such act.


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