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10 things you never say to a guy in bed

If you really want things to workout between you and him, never use these words

Is it going to get bigger? Why is it tilted? It looks weird. Never say these things. Here are 10 things you never say to a guy in bed.


There is a huge possibility that he might be already feeling shy or insecure about his tool and is already too conscious about it.

The least you could do is avoid talking about a list of things that we have mentioned below for you so that you don’t unintentionally hurt your man!

1. “Awww so cute”


This might seem like a compliment to you but calling his penis, cute is definitely not an ego booster and is definitely going to shackle his confidence. Never ever call it cute and don’t ever say, “Awww”

2. “Will it get bigger?”


If you are in the middle of the act, he is probably at his best. It sure is a surreal view to see it grow full length. But you don’t need to hurt his ego while in the act. Just understand that everyone has different size and what is shown in porn is not a standard.

3. I don’t feel a thing

things you never say to a guy in bed

Small and thin don’t feel the same way as large and thick. In some cases, you might not feel much. So if you don’t feel anything be careful of your choice of words. Probably look to change the positions in a subtle manner. Don’t be too harsh and hurt your partner. Find ways to subtly put it forward while in bed if he doesn’t satisfy you a lot.

4. “Damn, it’s weird”

things you never say to a guy in bed

To make his penis flaccid in zero to 2 seconds, use these words. But if you are really considerate about him, never do so. You might find it to be a different colour, texture, small, thick or micro. Don’t say it’s weird because neither would you like if someone says so about your vagina. Saying this is very rude and a big turnoff.

5. “But you have a long foot”

things you never say to a guy in bed

Long feet, noses, hands, etc don’t necessarily mean bigger penises. That’s just a ridiculous myth and questions your intelligence. Most of the stuff you read about ‘sizes’ aren’t even legitimate.

6. “Is there something wrong with it”

is there something wrong

Some ladies have a foolish habit of talking nonsense during the act. Asking questions like ‘why it is purple?’ or something weird on those lines is just plain stupid. In case you don’t know this one, it’s due to excessive blood flow. Unless it’s a completely different colour or if it looks infected or smells, avoid asking questions.

7. “Wow that was quick”


He just finished the act and is feeling relaxed and calm, throwing this at him would simply ruin the perfect moment. It might be possible that you are not the satisfied partner of the act, but discussing this at a later moment might be less offensive.

8. “Hahaha”


Men are insecure about the size of their penis. The truth is they can’t change it, but they worry about what you’ll think when they take off their clothes. Your laughter might add to their woes. They might feel humiliated or ashamed as your tone might seem sarcastic and hurtful to them.

9. “Why is it tilted left”

things you never say to a guy in bed

The penis is not a model, it does not go to the doctor for posture correction or facelift. For him it is a perfect gift given to him by the almighty, so the least you can do is build up his confidence by yelling, “Hell yeah, I love that Dick.” In case you didn’t know, all dicks are slightly tilted so it is common and don’t scare him off.

10. Just how my ex used to do

things you never say to a guy in bed

Never ever, compare your current partner with your ex, it just opens up a rabbit hole of so many questions that you wouldn’t like to answer.

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