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10 tips for Dating Indian Women

Must read tips for Dating Indian Women

dating indian women

Dating Indian Women is far more complex than dating any other women around the world, you cannot just woo her like they show in Bollywood movies, there are many  factors that come into picture when we talk about Dating Indian Women.

Heads up! This does not imply that women outside India are easy or always ready to fall head-over heels to any advances.

Before we move to the crux of conversation let us understand some important fundamental fact about external factors that could influence your romance.

Indian Caste System.

Ancient Indian Caste system was introduced to divide the work among individuals, however with time it was embedded in Individual and created a divide on the basis of Caste. It become customary to mingle and marry people within same Caste. Unfortunately this system still plays major role in India even in 2019.

It is evident by the matrimonial websites who create sections/sub websites or dedicated websites to cater to certain caste group. Although when women and men opt to dating or dating online they shed their caste barriers, it is still important to know this can be a deciding factor of relationship moving further in most cases (not all.)


The first step is to register as a member with some online dating website. There are plenty, you can check Tinder or OK Cupid, Bumble. Some people sign up more than one to meet an ideal partner.

10 Communication Tips for Dating Indian Women

Dating depends a lot on age, location, money, etc. Assuming that you are young, in geographically same location as the girl and have resources. Here are 10 communication tips for dating Indian women.

1. Be friend to her friends

This really is the very best method unless you’re shy about talking to girls. Get friendly to her buddies on some pretext. Learn what her friends like and strike conversations over it. Find something light and of interest to everyone.

If your partner joins the conversation you hit the gold. Listen to her carefully, compliment her openly. Remember, your partner should never be wrong, even if she is, don’t bother correcting. There will be enough time later to correct her.

2. Keep Her Interested

Now, you have broken glass wall or the ice wall, move and keep her interested. Attempt to discover exactly what her likes dislikes are and make them yours too. Adore her to the fullest heart, if she hates something hate it too.

This may indicate that you need to bid adios to things you love. Do that. You can do whatever you want in her absence.Make sure you are not found contradicting everything you mentioned. Eating your words is bitter.

3. Invite Her Circle

The third step towards relationship is Inviting on a date. But it might not be always possible because she feel unsafe or unsure. You do not want her to turn down the invite after you brought the tickets to concert or booked a table in premium restaurant.

Invitation to date can be tricky, so first few times around try to invite her whole gang, make them part of the event. It could be group movie, or dinner at your place or anything together.

Make sure that your pockets can survive the aftershocks of this group invite.

4. Make Her Comfortable

Whenever you are out in group event, ensure she is comfortable, ensure she has not problem commuting to the place, or offer her a pick up on your vehicle. or an Uber.

At venue, be it restaurant or Cinema hall – make sure she chooses where to sit, this will subtly hint her that she has superiority over others in the group. Air of superiority in a group and comfortable feeling that you provide works wonders on a date. Also, it ensure that you made it obvious that the event is for her.

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5. Never Place Special Orders

Never be the Romeo who order special order for the women, it gets too embarrassing in front of the friends circle. If you think there should be something special, order it for everyone. If she likes it, order more.

This way, you are showing that you are considerate to everyone. Points earned.

6. Follow Up

Always follow up after the outing or treat or movie. Ask her how she liked it? This can be the game changer, as at this point you can seed the thought of probably doing something like that alone in her head.

If she didn’t enjoy – apologize, find reasons and probably next time around invite her alone and do things to her liking.

Pro tip: Ask her friend closest to you from keeping others away, so you can spend some lone time while on a group meet.

7. Gifts

Send her gifts either from online store or just surprise her when you meet. Stuff that will remind her of you every time it is used.

By this time you should have got fair idea about her liking or disliking so it should be easy, if it is not, ask her friend.

8. Avoid Social Media

Do not post images of her on social media, it can cause her embarrassment at home, office or work. You can do so once your relationship is permanent.

By keeping social media away from this, you are indirectly suggesting that you treasure the relation and also respect the privacy. It is different if she posts it, you can then follow the suit.

9. Get Cheesy

If you have good voice, sing for her, dedicate songs to her on radio, make her feel special when among-st her friends. Make things for her.

This works like the extra cheese in the pizza. Can do without it, but extra is always better.

10. Be Mysterious

Never depict yourself as open book while dating Indian women. Too much information too early does not help. The aura of mystery keeps things interesting.

One way to do so is avoid drinking alcohol while with her or in a group. Alcohol is social lubricant, it brings hidden feelings outside exposing hidden personalities.

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In Conclusion

There are some tips you can follow, while you do this. Ensure, you always smell good, don’t be obsessed or possessive and never ever disrespect anyone. These tips will help you communicate effectively in all spheres to date Indian women.


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