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5 important care to be taken for Oral pleasure

Planning to go down on your partner, make sure you read through this

Foreplay is crucial to fully arouse your partner and of course for a decent sex session. It’s extremely important for women to feel totally stimulated. Foreplay normally includes touching, kissing, licking and that is only the start.


Numerous ladies complain about the absence of sufficient foreplay which results in uneasiness or torment amid sex.

Foreplay is a broad term, and individuals define it in their own ways; however, to put forward simply, it’s an act of stimulation that leads to penetrative sexual intercourse. You’re permitted to include anything and everything that arouses you. For many, it’s role-playing, while for others it may be just oral sex.

oral pleasure
Oral sex is an act of going down on your partner, so he/she reaches the high they deserve. Some people report uneasiness whilst taking or performing oral sex.

In this blog, we are attending the performer’s issue and how to make oral sex comfortable for the performer?


cleaning hands

Oral sex means stimulating your partner’s genital or butt-central area by means of your mouth for providing sexual delight. Since our adolescence, we have been educated to check and reconsider everything before we put anything in our mouth.

Exactly the identical rule applies here, be certain that both of you wash your genitals completely to prevent any foul odor that may turn off the moment.

The position

sexy girl

Pick a position that is comfortable for both of you. Your partner might enjoy you going down on your knees and sucking, however, if your partner is somebody that takes look to orgasm, it might hurt your knees or neck. So what should be done? Ensure that you both are in a comfortable position and understand the importance of communication.

It is not advisable to push your partners head to go deep with sucking, the same can also be communicated by mouth, a head-push could gag your partner.



While being Hygienic is one thing, it’s also important to get a condom and dental dams to minimize the risk of STI’s or other diseases. While performing oral sex on your female partner it is possible to bring in Dental Dams. Dental dams are condoms for oral sex; those are thin latex (the same material is utilized to make condoms) sheets and using them is simple too.. Simply place it on the vaginal opening or the rectal opening and start the activity.


swallow cum

Orgasms are impulsive, you cannot time them while you’re enjoying the action. The likelihood of someone acting mindfully through that split second of discharge is and minding amid this short moment is unthinkable. What exactly needs to be done? Where do you climax within his/her mouth?

No. You can pre-talk about when, where, and how your partner can ejaculate during the oral sex. It is not necessary to swallow if you don’t want to, you can ask your partner to climax on your face, body, etc. It could be very sexy.

Prolong the pleasure

prolong boner

Oral pleasure if provided the right way becomes difficult to prolong or control oneself. And guys sometimes, want it to last as long as possible. Men don’t need every blow job to be a marathon race so every once in a while, girls should take the opportunity to really slow down and stretch out the experience. Girls can also prolong their release during oral pleasure by holding back from orgasming real fast.

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Hope that you enjoyed reading this, you can drop in your comments if you have any questions.


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