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10 amazing ways to masturbate for women

Try all ten and suggest the best that you would recommend

Women masturbate!! Now lets come in peace with that and read on about 10 amazing techniques of masturbation for women.

1. Pet that pussy

petting vagina masturbation

Use two fingers (index and middle finger, gently pat your clitoris, vary the pressure and speed till you start to feel the sensation. You can listen to sexy romantic music to enhance the mood or watch porn.

If done correctly your inner labia and clitoris will become sticky sweet and warn. As you continue to do so, the love fluid from inside your vagina shall start leaking, use it to lubricate the clitoris.

Resist the temptation of “rubbing that clit.” Continue to pat and stroking your inside, keep rubbing the juices on to your clitoris. Key here is to not rush ahead, and just keep patting. Right when you feel you can’t hold anymore and you start to orgasm, then rub all over your clitoris. Congratulations you deserved this orgasm.

2. Holding the bun

ways to masturbate for women

Use index finger and middle finger on the outside of your clitoris, use it to spread the clitoris wide just like spreading the bun. Use the finger of your other hand to stroke the clitoris. You can vary the speed of stroking your clitoris and also keep sliding the fingers of the other hand to slide up and down on the clitoris.

Resist the urge of returning to your regular masturbation pattern, this sure is a good variation to regular rub.

3. Open Sandwich

ways to masturbate for women

This technique involves patting and rubbing on your whole vaginal area using the palm of your hand. Using the whole hand can be sensational as the clit is not used to it. Long and varied are best at first.

You can continue the rhythm as it produces hot sensation, push your palm into your clitoris and rub back and forth. This orgasm will fell different, more intense and unique as it uses full hand instead of just fingers.

4. Pulsing Pelvis

wet finger masturbation

Similar to having sex, this is the most erotic way to masturbate for women. Lay on your bed, back down, spread your legs, knees up, and feet flat on the bed. Use your middle or index finger to penetrate your vagina, just like a penis.

Be informed, that just like sex, it is important to be lubricated for this dry pushing can hurt. Gently work your way through this or you can also use lubricant. As your finger enters the vagina, contract your leg muscles such that your pelvis gently pulses in rhythm, similar to having sex. You can fantasize or do it while listening to music or watching porn.

The technique will also make you a better lover as you learn to enjoy penetrative sex.

5. Shower Head

shower head masturbation

A fairly common masturbation technique among first time masturbating women who discover this magical tool in the bathroom. If done correctly, this can give a mind-blowing orgasm. Use your handheld shower to please yourself, take it off the hook and press it on your clitoris.

Rub it softly, you can either alternate between two pressures or just find a middle ground that gives you right sensation.You can synchronize your the water pressure to your rubbing motions to match experience.

6. Bathtub

shower masturbation

Fill the tub with hot water and add your favorite fragrance to it. Ease yourself into the water and feel the warmth of the water on your skin. Keep the water running from the tap, and as you feel comfortable slide a bit lower and adjust the drip of water between your legs.

Let the splash of water hit your clitoris and slide back and front to hit different spots of vagina. You can use body movements with water to stimulate clitoris. It is the most used way to masturbate for women.

7. Dildo/object


Orgasm can be – clitoral or G-spot stimulation. You can use a dildo and insert it into your vagina. Make sure you are well lubricated before inserting or use lubricant.

You can slide the Dildo inside the vagina and pull the end slowly stimulation the G-spot. Continue to slide all the way and slowly also move it over your clitoris.

Don’t give up on the “G-Spot” because it can be an incredibly intense orgasm. Keep seductively going thru the digging motion until one area is unavoidable. concentrate there and dig in until you hit pay dirt!

8. Vibration


Vibration is by far the best sensation that a vagina can get, you can use an electric toothbrush, Play-station Joystick (with game on) or get yourself a vibrator that you like.

Vibrators come with various speed settings, you can adjust to the speed that you find comfort in and increase the speed gradually as you may wish.

You can rub it on your clit, take it closer to the vaginal opening or even anal. Incredible orgasm in minutes guaranteed with this amazing way to masturbate for women

9. Pillow humping

pillow humping

Keeping the panties on you can also try to ride on the hands of the sofa, soft pillows, stuffed animals, etc. You can grind the vagina against the foreign object and adjust the pressure of contact position till you feel amazing.

Tip: To get the most intense orgasm, try to get to the action immediately, just a foreplay in sex, build your way up. Caress every inch of your body, touch yourself, use any of the technique, bring yourself to the edge of orgasm and slow down.

You can do this multiple times and of course you can also have multiple orgasms

10. Close legs

ways to masturbate for women

Women can induce their body for multiple orgasm unlike men who require refractory period. Here is how it is done, once you reached your first orgasm with any of above technique, by closing your legs keep contracting your pelvic muscles on your own, continue to squeeze and release similar to how you do to hold the urine stream. This keeps blood flow high, which increases sensitivity and makes orgasm number two easier to reach.

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