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How to do “gandi baat” during sex? – Detailed guide to dirty talking

Words can change the intensity of your act, read through to learn a few phrases

dirty talks
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How unexciting it is to have sex without even talking dirty to your partner?

Your sexual encounter doubles up in the event that you understand to use the correct words at the ideal moment.

Before we discuss our listing of badass dirty words we inform you

Why you should do dirty talk during sex?

To build sexual tension

sexual tension

This is an important reason to maintain your partner craving for more, however,’what’s sexual tension?’ is your question. Sexual tension is a sentiment that an individual feels when he/she interacts with someone and gets a sexual desire, but the fulfillment doesn’t happen until a long time. Dirty talk helps in building sexual tension as your partner desires to have sex but cannot immediately do so due to the situation they are in.

Making your partner consider you:

hooked up

Dirty talk works like sexting. Your partner imagines what you’d do to them so finally they consider you. It is a hot way to keep your partner hooked up. Slide into a message stating,”Thinking on your boner…” Makes your partner crave for you: Imagine you are in the middle of job and you receive a message which reads,”We will need to meet after work today and get wild in my bed” You would instantly imagine your partner and think about all the things you would do when you meet. Dirty conversation makes your partner crave you and more.

Improving your Sensual experience:

Sensual experience

Dirty phrases can improve your sexual experience and take you in heaven as you are in actions. Using phrases such as,”Fuck me harder” or “I need it quicker, deeper” will swoon your partner.

How to dirty talk?

Check the context

dirty talking

It is the most important factor that could build on the interest of dirty talking. What this basically means is where you do it? and what is the mood?

Sitting on sofa, you both are fooling around, watching that romantic movie, you get up, go to your room, come back and handover the panty to him and whisper in his ear that you wish to get kinky. Good idea. 

You both are on the bed, you both are cuddling, the man holds you close to say, “I love you” and you respond back saying, “Oh! I love you too, now give me that cock.” Bad idea

Not using it at the right time at the right place could ruin the moment. 

Tone of voice

Tone of voice

You tone of voice defines the intensity and interest in the conversation with your partner. Imagine talking to your husband/boyfriend like how a Japanese pop concert girl talks in a very cute, slow and orgasmic manner over the phone and telling him, “I can’t wait for you to get home, I am already wet”, don’t be surprised if you see him come home early.

Same also applies when you are in bed together and talking dirty. Imagine he is pounding you and you scream loudly, “Fuck me harder” This is definitely going to turn him into a monster and make him pound harder.

Tips for Dirty Talk

Now You Know the advantages of filthy talk, you’d wonder what is the ideal method of doing this. Read below to discover tips about when and how to talk dirty.

Do not overdo it


If you have never exchanged kinky one-liners with your partner, then don’t go overboard in the beginning. Proceed and fall in mild phrases like,”I am feeling somewhat lonely; wish you’re here with me” If your spouse likes it, then proceed with kinkier sentences next time.

Know the kink

Different things work at different times, so know when to use which phrase. Furthermore, some partner likes it light whereas some might like it dirty. Understanding the kink is crucial, as it is important that you partner enjoys it too.

Now that you have read through why and how, lets get to what dirty phrases you could use, We’ve split them into three classes — before sex, during intercourse, and after sex.

What dirty phrases you could use?

Before Sex

  1. It is sad that there are people all around, otherwise, I’d have fucked you right here.
  2. I really feel like ripping your clothes right here in front of everybody and fuck you hard.
  3. I would like to drop on my knees and suck on your Cock/pussy til my throat dries up.
  4. My favorite number is 69 — how about I share it with you tonight.
  5. I know I am sounding greedy, but all I need is you right now
  6. I need your dick to meet my pussy tonight (I need your pussy to meet my dick tonight)
  7. Fuck me so hard tonight that it becomes difficult for me to walk tomorrow.
  8. Stop looking at me like that turn me..
  9. If you continue looking this sexy, I will wet myself all the time.
  10. You are the best sex I’ve ever had.

During Sex

  1. Treat me like your little doll and spoil me as much as you want
  2. C’mon, faster, faster…yes, just like that…
  3. I want a mouth full of your cum
  4. You like how I ride you?
  5. Pull my hair and make me your horse…C’mon, ride me faster
  6. Yes, yes, just like that…
  7. Ah, don’t stop! You’re making me cum.
  8. I want to taste your orgasm, cum faster, you sexy beast
  9. Punish me, lock me in your arms
  10. Yes! Ah! Feels like heaven…

After Sex

  1. I wish you could stay here and we could fuck forever
  2. I wish your dick was in my pussy till eternity (or I wish my dick was in your pussy till eternity)
  3. Let’s go for round two
  4. Still feeling sore after last night
  5. I can still smell you
  6. Just thinking about you turns me on
  7. I’m supposed to be working, but all I am imagining is you and me on my bed
  8. I can still feel your body swinging on me
  9. I am unable to walk…look what you’ve done to me!
  10. I would like to repeat it tonight

These phrases combined with added support of mood, place, etc. should work in your favor. We’re sure it’ll make your partner want you more and more.

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