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Game of Love: Sexting through the day

Sexting can heighten your pleasure in bed, try this game to experience.

If you have done sexting in your life, you sure know the kinky feeling and the adrenaline rush that you get with sexting. Adding some twist in your sex is always a good idea. This game of love will do just that.

The game starts in the morning, and the tease continuous through the day with a climatic end at night. Making you hungrier and hornier through the day for the raw sex at night.

How to play Sexting through the day?

Game involves a lot of texts, emails and conversations that builds up for steamy sex. One partner has to be the follower while another partner would be the dictator of terms in the game.

Follower has to abide by everything asked by the dictator through the day. Some examples of what you can ask your partner to do could be;

  • Sending your partner erotic stories and asking him/her to masturbate to it and send you a snap.
  • Asking the partner to rush to washroom and send a nude from workplace.
  • Asking your partner to play with their body, masturbate but not reach the climax.


  • You can send your partner a few erotic literature/porn clips to masturbate every few hours.
  • You can ask your partner to dress in something sexy and masturbate, take videos and pictures.
  • Your partner can masturbate and come to the edge but is allowed to orgasm only once through the day. (Bringing her/him on the edge, it will make your partner hornier when you get to home)
  • You can call your partner and describe how you are going to fuck them, suck, gag, and all the crazy things that you are charged for.
  • Ensure you have consent to the above game and define your own rules for better results.

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