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How to Spank? The Art of Spanking, tools, tips

Planning to introduce Spanking in your love making sessions, read how to spank first.

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How to Spank? Spanking is an art and not just the act of whipping your partners bottom, it requires a level of finesse which needs to be learned.
For those who are new to the subject of spanking read: What is Spanking? A detailed guide to Spanking

Spanking is a good way to inject energized pain into your romantic encounter

So why spank?

How to Spank?

Spanking is a simplest way to experiment your first-time BDSM play; all you would need is hands, a buttock, plus a few momentum placed on the stated hand (also an awareness of aim, since nobody enjoys being slapped from the tailbone).

Second, it is fairly secure; we can not even venture to think of any significant harm which can be inflicted through just a little love tap, the worst which can happen is that you being on the receiving end of ‘what the hell was that?’ Look before getting back into the business at hand.

Spanking Etiquette 

spanking etiquette

Some spank to feel dominant, some do it simply to add spice in their love making sessions, either ways it is important to follow spanking etiquette.

  • Strikes should be concentrated on the lower or meatier portion of their cheeks and upper thighs
  • Follow each spank using a light caress of this slapped area
  • Do not slap tough enough to leave a hand imprint — unless consent is given
  • Make Certain to remove jewelry such as bracelets and rings

Spanking Position

How to Spank?

So you have removed the rings and jewelry and are ready what now? Get into position

  • You (the spanker), sit on the bed with your knees across the side, just as you would a seat
  • Your spouse (the spankee) subsequently lies stomach-down throughout your lap

In above position you get the perfect space to find the arc along with your spanking arm, in addition to enjoying the perspective.

Implements of Posterior Punishment

Your Hand

How to Spank?

The Timeless spanking new tool literally passed through the generations. We have got them (if you don’t do not, in which case sorry), plus they are almost made for spanking new, as you can accurately control the strength of your own blows.


spanking with paddle

The humble paddle is available in Many of Materials like wood, leather or metal to change the senses, and give a far more assertive smack then the contrary. Do not begin a spanking new session by going right to the paddle; develop the tension with a few hand slaps before continuing with paddle.

Whips and Floggers

There are as many forms of whips on the planet as there are bums, each offering a different sort of bite. The length of Whip, material and texture, play important role in the final experience you will have.

Pro tip: If you are buying one, get the one that you wouldn’t mind being spanked with, this way you can be considerate of the after effects.

Best Methods for Spanking

Start soft

How to Spank?

Start with a foot massage of strokes and soft Tickling of the butt cheeks before going into your opening salvo of spanks. This will up the anticipation of the first strike and the jolt from soft to stinging will have their full attention.

Mind your aim


Aim a spank low and center, at the crease where the cheek meets thigh; the vibrations from your strike will stimulate her genitals.


ass slap

In case when spankee is lying face-down on his/her knees you need to put cushion beneath their stomach. It will help you aim your hand, and provide some shock absorption for the recipient of the spank.

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