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10 signs that he is interested in you

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Is he really into me or he is just being friendly? A common question most girls are faced when they start to go around with any guy.

When you go out with your girls or are having some fun in a party of a club, some guys might just reach you and blatantly ask you about your interest in them, while this is convenient, not always do we have a walker.

If you often find yourself in a soup, finding it difficult to judge a guys interest in you, continue reading ten signs that tells you that he is interested in you

1. His eyes are fixed on you

If a man is attracted to you, his eyes will tell it all. A guy interested in you will find it difficult to keep his eyes off of you – it will be all over you, just like he wishes he could be.

And chances are, he won’t even realize that he is making an uncomfortable stare at you until you catch him in process. You can gaze it in his eyes, if it is a creepy sexual look or interested and wanting to have a talk look.

2. He always tries to touch you

It is a scientifically proven that when someone is interested in another person, they try to deliberately try to make a skin-to-skin contact whenever they have a chance. Consistent body language typically takes place between close friends or lovers, and that is exactly how he wants you to think of him.

3. He “Fixes” himself

Well, this not just applies to him but also to ladies. When he is subconsciously “fixing” himself, every time you walk into the room, class, or bar is a sign that the guy in interested in you.

Be conscious next time you walk into a room, this will help you point who is interested in you, fixing or playing with hair is the most obvious sign.

4. He gets close

After the move is made and things take direction, he won’t let you out of his reach. He will always be wandering around you. A guy that deserves your interest will maintain his distance but will be in your reach.

Note: If a guy starts to get creepy and tries to be too close, make sure to talk him away or inform someone to act on this.

5. He blushes

Not always are guys over the top confident about themselves are give your straight forward “I am into you” sign. Look out for subtle clues, like the way he blushes or gets embarrassed when you both talk about something funny or naughty.

6. He flirts

Flirt is one of the sign that he is interested in you. If his interest is more physical than emotional, his flirting may lean more toward physical flirting than any other type.

He’ll find any way he can to let you know he finds you irresistible. Enjoy it!

7. He Smiles

You know that a guy is interested in you when he smiles at you, but does he give you Shakti Kapoor smile “I am imagining you with your clothes off” or Shahid Kapoor smile “I find you cute”

You can actually make out the difference.

8. He makes plans that involves only you both

So you’ve gone out a few times with friends, but never got a chance alone. He would definitely want to make plans to meet alone. It could be public place for a movie or a amusement part or private dinner at home.

Word of advise; do not make plans to visit home, unless you find absolute comfort with that guy.

9. He hints that he wants you

Guys on most occasions find it difficult to make their intentions about you obvious so they try to through subtle hints at you. It could probably be with humor or finds topics to converse with you.

Like, if you text him that you are going for shower while texting and he replies, “Mm, even I needed one.” He’s is using his humor or making conversation to test the waters and see your reaction.

10. You Feel it

If you are conscious about this guy being around you, you will start to get the feeling about his interest. There is always some energy that is built when two people have some chemistry.

It is important that you are feeling safe and not rushing into this. Do things on your own terms and remember, you can always turn him down if you are just not interested.

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