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Tantric Sex 101: The power guide to everything about Tantric Sex

Explore the hidden treasure of tantric sex

Ever heard of Tantric sex before? The mention of the it sends shivers down your spine sometime.

You probably landed here because you’re curious to know what it is? how it works? Benefits?

This Tantric Sex 101 guide is everything that an adventurous soul needs to know about tantric sex. Don’t worry you need not be an expert in this and going through this blog will get you started.

What is Tantric Sex?

Tantric sex is a philosophy that finds its roots in India. It combines the ideology of tantra (One’s energy) with sexuality. It explains that through sex, a couple can ascend to a higher plane of spirituality. It doesn’t consider sex as sinful but a very sacred practice.

The idea of it is to focus on bringing together a man and a woman – to combine their sexual energy. It teaches you to combine your energy with world around you through sex.

Many confuse Tantric sex with the Kama Sutra, another ancient set of beliefs that teaches about advanced sexual positions. The Kama Sutra and Tantric sex have similar origins, however, because the Kama Sutra is also originally a Hindu idea. But you can explore both to find a variety of techniques and positions to heighten your sexual pleasure. Tantric sex can also help people to break down boundaries and negative feelings they’ve come to associate with sexuality.

Benefits of Tantric Sex

Tantric sex can intrigue your partner at first, however, the benefits actually go a long way. Let us understand the ways!

Applying Tantra to sex helps to prevent the mass exodus of energy from the body after an orgasm or minimize the effects that the sudden loss of energy can have

It can help you deepen your connection with your partner, it brings seriously intimate interactions into play including prolonged eye contact, synced breathing, and increased awareness of one’s partner. Relationships that reach new levels are the inevitable result.

It helps you being patient, it helps you take control of your orgasm, mastering tantric positions, being conscious of your partner.

By learning to withhold your orgasm and delay your pleasure, you’ll learn the art of being less selfish and focusing more on your partner.

Getting started with Tantric Sex

Tantric sex starts before sex, you must start by creating the atmosphere, mood, cleanliness, sound, aura, into your sexual space to begin the Tantric journey.

Prepare the space.

Take time to prepare the space and get ready for your experience. Make fresh bedding, soft pillows, light some scented candles, place some water or wine someplace both you reach easily. keep fruits or chocolate handy in case you wish to extend the session.

Prepare yourselves.

Tantric sex is about generating the sexual energy and building it instead of simply doing the act and reaching orgasm. Commit to each other, to abstain from reaching orgasm altogether, you can play with your or each others body but never orgasm. The thought is to reach the delicious state of being ecstasy

Sit down and take position.

Breathing is key in tantra, one has to use breathing to increase your own intimacy by breathing each other’s breath. A few ways to sit for this are.

  • You can sit cross-legged in front of each other with your knees touching.
  • You can sit together with one partner’s legs wrapped around the other’s torso.
  • One partner can sit on the other’s lap. Your legs should be wrapped around each other.

Breathe together.

Once you have maintained position, hold each other and breath together. You can touch each other caress one another, kiss, play but gently and slowly. The key to success here is to focus on breathing completely differently than you normally would when you’re super aroused. When you are aroused and about to reach orgasm, you start to breath shallow, try to focus on long and slow breaths that fills you lungs – in through mouth and out through nose.

Act of sex.

Two of you can continue the process of caressing and breathing together as long as you two feel like you can stand it. Once you both reach a point where you can’t go another moment without taking each other, go ahead and start with the act.

It focuses on journey rather than destination, it makes sense to spend plenty of time to enjoy each others body and plenty of foreplay. Tantric sex is not your just another bedroom quickie but requires a lot of preparation, if done correctly, you might find your sex life rejuvenated. You might also reach a stage where you could enjoy multiple orgasms.

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