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10 things about Sex every Woman must know before turning 30

Sex before tuning 30

Sex in real is nothing like what you see in movies, it is not picture perfect and it doesn’t come with statutory warning. Everything you know about enjoying sex has come with lot of trial and error.

Learning as you go is fun, but you don’t need to make the mistake that most people make in relationship, mistakes like faking orgasm, not communicating the need of lubrication, body image, etc.

So we here we describe 10 things that will make the sexual learning curve a little less steep for you.

1. It is fine to share a laugh


Sex might sound super serious when you were novice, but do yourself a favor and loosen up. To feel comfortable with yourself is to embrace the imperfections and the fact that bodies sometimes make weird noises during sex.

If you ever have an embarrassing moment, focus on humor over humiliation.

2. Use Lube


Lube is often considered as something that would have negative affect in relationship, but one must understand the importance of being lubricated over dry sex that hurts like hell. Also, lube helps when using condoms. There are different types of Lubes and you can choose one depending on your need.

3. Get Condom


We understand that condom may not be the coolest contraceptive on the block, but they are still the best savior. Many a times, people argue that it doesn’t feel real with rubber, but there are plenty of options with condoms that provide protection without feeling restrictive.

Also, be sure to carry on your own, ‘coz many many don’t like it and hence don’t carry it, plus if you carry it along your partner would be pleased and show you the appreciation all night long.

4. Don’t Fake orgasm

Fake orgasm

Sometimes, when things don’t go right, many women fake orgasm to avoid the embarrassment with their partner. We understand that you do so to avoid making him feel bad, after all it isn’t going to give him ego boost but the problem is that in his head, he is thinking of himself as master of your orgasmic universe and he will keep doing the same thing again and again.

Your act, could go a long way without orgasmic sex and to a point where turning back becomes difficult. Save yourself the theatrics, and talk to your partner about what different you both can do.

5. Don’t worry about your body


Worrying about your body, holds you back from enjoying what you have with your body. Sex will always be lukewarm, if you don’t feel comfortable in your skin. There’s no magic trick to improve your body confidence, it requires you to be patient, consistent and kindness. As your body confidence improves, your sex life will also improve.

6. Don’t focus on the end.


Focusing hard on climax, affects your ability to reach the climax, consider the overused “it’s about the journey not the destination” advice, because it’s actually spot-on in this case—there’s a whole world of enjoyment to be had between the sheets, from start to finish.

Sex is more than just penetration and orgasm, if you invest in foreplay, you will reinvent your sex life.

7. Play Solo


If you are still not sure, what to ask in bed, feel free to self satisfy yourself. Masturbation should be part of your routine self care. Take your time, set the mood, sip some wine and please yourself the way you want.

Here are 10 ways to self pleasure, for you to try

8. Experiment


It is easy to limit yourself to ritualistic routine of standard penetration and oral sex, but do you know your body is capable of more than 1 or 2 erogenous zones. Experiment with your body and your partner in bed, try to add the spice your love needs. After all who loves monotony? Growing your erotic sensibilities and having the courage to indulge in your curiosities, will make for a hell of a sex life!”

9. Sex shouldn’t hurt

Sex shouldn't hurt

While trying new things is positive, it should never come at the expense of discomfort. Many women experience pain during intercourse, and under impression that pain is the reality of sex.

Sex simply shouldn’t hurt and if you are experiencing pain, don’t ignore it. See a doctor and ascertain the reason for the same.

10. Be a learner for life


Always be open to learn more about body pleasure than the one limited to the bedroom sessions. Sex like any other skill takes time and practice to hone the craft. Don’t be afraid to seek help, when it comes to learning about sex, search online, talk to your partner, consult specialist.

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