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10 things women have it harder in life according to men

Women have a really rough time, be it walking down the aisle, dating, or in a office. Here are 10 men describe 10 things women have it harder in life according to them.

1. You can never win whether you are beautiful or not so good looking.

If you are attractive, some women will automatically dislike you. And if you’re not so good looking, some men will automatically dislike you.

2. Never knowing if a man just wants your body or your mind.

“Never knowing if the man you’re talking to is genuinely interested in you as a person or just wants to put their dick in between your legs. I would hate to live with that level of cynicism and even worse to have it based on a number of past experiences.”

3. Random dick pics.

“The whole random dick pic thing sounds horrible.”

4. Emotions being blamed on your monthly cycle.

“Having the validity of your emotions called into question due to the fact that your hormones swing wildly during parts of your cycle. That must be infuriating. If I’m sad or angry people ask me why, not if it’s my arbitrary time of the month.”

5. Shorter time frame to find soul mate and have kids.

“They have a much shorter time limit (late 20s/early 30s) to find a mate and have kids compared to men. Also, men tend to be more attracted to younger females than older ones, so that puts more pressure on them.”

6. Periods.

“Bleeding out your vagina for 35-40 years then having to deal with menopause’s bullshit.”

7. Being physically weak compared to men.

“I’m going with lack of defense against an attacker. I was being silly with a coworker. We put our hands together and I told her to push as hard as she could. I barely felt anything, so I said ‘c’mon, really push’ and she still could barely move me. The surprising thing was she is active and very fit.

I have about 100 pounds and 10 I inches on her; all I did was lean forward a bit and she just moved backward with barely any resistance. It made me realize that if I wanted to do something horrible to her, she would really have no way to defend herself.

I was enlightened and terrified at the same time, it really must suck being a woman in a world of dicklords.”

8. In workplace, having a draw a line all the time between looking professional and too ‘sexy.’

“For professional women in particular, having to walk that line pretty much every day at work: ‘How do I dress to be attractive/put together without making it look sexy/looking for something’ That’s got to be fucking exhausting.”

9. Daily sexual harassment.

Having to deal with sexual harassment in buses, trains, cabs, offices, walking in the aisle could be really sickening. Imagining that 100’s of eyes are ogling over the chest all day sucks.

10. Pregnancy.

“Pregnancy. It hurt so much when I pass a big hard shit so I can only imagine what a full baby feels like.”

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things men have it harder in life

10 things men have it harder in life according to women


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