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Top 10 Sex toys store in India

Psst!! It is all within the legal limitations.

sex toy store india

Sale of Sex toys in India is on a rise, here are top 10 sex toys store from where you can buy the best pleasure products for your and/or your partners pleasure.

Although Indian’s have forever been kinky, otherwise why else we would have given Kamasutra to the world. The wider acceptance has come over the last few years with few daring entrepreneurs walking the tough road by bringing sex toy stores online in India.

Also, sex toys industry growth is also on the rise because of introduction of it in mainstream cinema. Right from Swara Bhaskar in Veere Di Wedding to Karan Johar’s Lust Stories starring Vicky Kaushal and Kiara Advani.

Here are top 10 sex toys store in India, these websites take pride in selling this products discretely. So you can relax when the package is delivered at your residence as it is non branded packaging so nobody will know what’s inside!  Also, you do not have to worry about legal aspects, as it is completely legal, and you will not get into any kind of trouble.

1. That’s Personal is one of the best sex toys store in India its offers Discreet delivery and Customer self pickup in major cities across India. One things that stand out for us from thatspersonal are; shop by concern section where you can by the products basis the concerns like poor erection, boring sex life, etc.

2. Adult Products India is the biggest and the oldest store selling sex toys in India. It has the largest variety and the biggest category on offering. The store enjoys the largest share of traffic because of its name, it also offers discreet packaging and discreet billing.

3. Love Treats is another beautiful website that sells sex toys in India. The website offers discreet delivery, free shipping and COD across India.

4. Guptt

If premium sex toys is your need is where you are supposed to be. It offers the most luxurious sex toys from around the world. It offers worldwide delivery and discreet packaging.

5. IMbesharam is the most loved sex toys store on Social media in India. It boasts of having over 2 lac followers on Social Media. Its store is well categorized and offers discreet packaging along with self pick up option.

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6. Shy Cart

Unlike most websites the product category is not just focused on pleasure but more on the problem related products. Some of its Shop by concern category are indeed an individuals everyday problem.

7. Sex Care is similar to thatspersonal, although it doesn’t have all the features that has. Sex care provides some of the items you would not get on any other Indian Sex toy website.

8. Masala Toys offers everything that a couple would need to spice up the sex in bedroom. Discreet packaging being its prime feature, the website also assists the shopper with instant call back on message.

9. Kink Pin is one of the new entrant in sex toy selling industry in India. The shop offers returns, discrete shipping and 100% genuine products.

10. Try Karte Hai is yet another new entrant adding to the 228 Million USD sex toy selling industry in India. It offers discreet packaging, free express delivery, COD, Skype assist, WhatsApp assist and ON call assist.


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