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10 types of Women orgasm — and how you can achieve them?

10 ways to achieve the big O

types of women orgasm

Women orgasms are real, and that you must feel. Here are 10 ways to get you the big O, it is definitely something that you must know.

1. Clitoris Stimulation

anatomy of vagina

Located under the clitoral hood (the triangle part of female genitals that connects to labia), clitoris is the hub of pleasure. It is similar to penis, it enlarges and becomes sensitive as a person get sexually aroused.

It is the most common go-to technique for women orgasm. Almost all of us with clitorises can have clitoral orgasm, it because clitoris is a little love button to approximately 8,000 nerve endings that is like 4000 penises. The type of clitoral stimulation may vary amongst women.


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