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What is Spanking? A detailed guide to Spanking


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Spanking is a sexual act that occurs in a sexual play, when a person slaps a sex partner with an open hand or object to heighten sexual arousal for one or both parties.

What is spanking?

Activity varies from spontaneous smack during sexual activity, sensual role-play, subject and it might involve using palms, spanking paddle, cane, etc.. Most frequent kind of spanking is treated at nude buttocks.

Body language during Spanking

What is spanking?

If you are being a spanker, then you have to observe closely the spankee’s body language along with other details such as skin sensitivity and fragility. It’s common for the spankee to squirm, flinch, wince or squeal although not ordinary to fear, fight, shout or yell.

The act should be pleasure for both, therefore speak up before the act, as it is not a solo but a couples play.

Play it Safe

play safe

It Is Essential to have a safe word or a non-verbal signal that’s recognized by both parties to stop the the action. Even in case you participate in mild spanking, Ensure you have a sign that communicates to stop.

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Be Considerate


For a successful spanking session, you need to be confident and trustworthy. If you don’t take under account the health and security of the spankee then the act could have vulnerable effect or worse might lead to accidental harm to spankee.

At any given stage, the Spanker or Spankee aren’t sure about the act, they should not proceed with it. Additionally, an individual has to take under account any preexisting health hazard or chronic pain to prevent injuries.

Spanking and tools

spanking tools

Spanking is unquestionably joyous if you are in it, but you need to look at the degree of sting Appropriate for your session. Mentioned below is sting level of spanking with its implements

  • Hands: Gives light splotches 4/10 sting
  • Paddle: Bright patches 6/10 sting
  • Flogger: Many thin welts 9/10 sting

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After care

after care to spanking

Your spanked tush is pink following the session However, you can not simply discount the hours of work your spankee could have in the workplace next day. Here is important care that you need to ensure for Spankee.

  1. Cream : Smother that bottom with a fantastic vitamin E body cream and it’ll superbly cool down the tushy. It is going to also help soften skin.
  2. Aloe: Aloe Vera has a cooling effect and will help soothe all of the nasty spanking
  3. Warm bubble tub Sink from the bubble bath and unwind that mistreated back, and it’s likely to feel a ton better.

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